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Sixth retail is synonymous to our recent foray is into Marketing Activation Monitor, here we track, monitor and analyze promotions, leaflets in supermarkets and hypermarkets.
Two of our main offerings are Promo Track Leaflet tracking and retail Zoom Store Diagnostics
To start with, we have Promo Track Leaflet tracking which provides retail promotions intelligence via its proprietary based software and retail Zoom Store Diagnostics which measures the incidence of product promotions and prices at the retail level. Initially our area of operations includes UAE and Saudi Arabia and plans are in place to expand our footsteps into other GCC markets as well. As an offshoot we are keen to also provide services related to shopper insights, outlet census and at some point retail audit as well.
Some retail market intelligence require just window shopping. But we belive that for more clear understanding, you want in-depth data on retail markets worldwide – sales performance, space distribution, store collections. Revolution in products, ranges, service and formats.
We help you benchmark your own business, with pricing or point of sale audit, mystery shopping and competitor astuteness.
We do this by keeping ourselves up-to-date with fast-moving retail and consumer trends.
We study all spheres of retail including multichannel, omni-channel, online and mobile. We pay attention to automation and personalisation, cultural, urban and societal change.
By understanding how all this data works out together – we help you vision your business and the bigger picture, global trends in the local context, What are the opportunities for your business and assist in some goal oriented and very critical decision making.
At Sixthfactor, we have studies and mastered the retail sciences. Some of the top brands in their industries have used our expertise to develop their product range and offerings, understand their competitors’ shoppers and manage their business and product portfolios. We offer MAM which is a very important component of this multi-layered market research and intelligence which you need to succeed in the business of retailing. This includes Tracking Advertisements and Offer types, Brochure data management system all critical processes set up to study competitors.
Our international team of retail industry expert and analysts pull all our resources together and with the help of expert data mining,
... we can evaluate, question, test and assess data to convert them into powerful information.
And this powerful information is handed to you for your decision making process.

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