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IDEA to provide clarity : Innovation, Differentiation, Evaluation and Activation.


Innovation is not accidental. It is driven by the inclination to improve the odds for success and growth. As a brand management consulting firm we immerse ourselves in your business, walking with the stakeholders, listening to their points, we connect the dots. It is a proven approach to innovation. And it works!


Questions that we answer:

  • How do I grow my brand?
  • How can I meet changing consumer’s need profitably?
  • What brand extensions can I consider?
  • How can I rejuvenate my brand?
  • How do I keep my brand ahead of the trend

What we do? We are a brand consulting firm that provides strategic management consulting services using a four phase approach Exploration, Creation, Refining and finally Sizing the opportunity, our innovation services focus on generating new ideas, identifying and testing potential concepts and thus establishing the optimal elements in the marketing mix.

We leverage various tools such as consumer immersions, innovation workshops, creative funneling and co creation to generate and refine ideas that help fill your pipeline with products and services aimed at providing profitable growth.



Positioning is in the mind space and you can influence it. It is not just advertising but something which shouts at your target customer eliciting: “Who we are. This is why you want us.” Right positioning builds affinity and translates into purchase. It influences every aspect including brand architecture, promotions, packaging, channel selection, merchandising, customer experience and also internal stakeholder perceptions.


Questions that we answer:

  • How can I command a price premium?
  • What will make my customers choose me over the competition?
  • What features should be highlighted?
  • What product innovations should I invest in?
  • Is there any market segment that I can attract and retain?

What we do? Positioning research at SixthFactor, can be as comprehensive or as specific as the situation demands

We start by mapping the demand landscape and in the process challenge the current rules of engagement. Behavioral Economics says that emotions drive 95% of our choices – hence guided by irrational and behavioral aspects, we focus on deriving sharper insights that help you zero in on the right customers with the right messaging.

We enable you to change the behaviour of your target audience and offer you various business consulting solutions.



You can’t manage if you can’t measure. We believe that continually improving performance requires knowing ‘how to measure and what to measure.’ Our brand management consultants can help you monitor, evaluate and enhance your brand within the competitive environment.


Questions that we answer:

  • What is my return on investments on my marketing initiatives?
  • How is my brand in-market performance?
  • How engaged are my customers – internal & external?
  • How effective is my social media strategy?
  • Should I invest more on trade promotions or consumer promotions?

What we do? We link KPIs to actual business performance so you know the exact levers you need to pull- whether it is pricing or positioning or branding or communications.  As we are among the top brand strategy consulting firms in Dubai, UAE We help you evaluate your ROI on various marketing initiatives. So as you are assessing – you are also constantly improving your business performance.



Change Management is the new buzz word. Whether you are looking at revamping an existing brand or creating a new brand, you need information to cope with the constantly changing environment. It can be done by supplementing existing information with new ones. We help you facilitate change.


Questions that we answer:

  • What is the potential of my product or service?
  • What is the best way to communicate information about my product or service?
  • What role does my product or service play in the consumer’s life?
  • What strategy is my competitor adopting?
  • How can I optimize my brand’s ATL & BTL strategies?

What we do? What do we do? We are the agents of change management. The thought leaders of SixthFactor can work with you to facilitate change by integrating information from different sources to generate insights

Our brand management consulting firm’s strategic planning approach starts with asking smart questions. We assess and analyze the existing information and data. From there we bring to life the demand landscape to plan the route for your business and brand. We explore alternative business scenarios to consider different possibilities. With Planning and Activation, we systematically create targeted frameworks and processes to identify insights and work with you to develop strategies and tactics. To help you garner organizational support, we cascade these insights and strategy throughout your company, ensuring everyone understands their role in implementation.


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