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A bold team together with brave clients are here to make a difference to the marketing world!

"We shall CONTINUE REINVENTING MARKET RESEARCH By ensuring it’s more disruptive and innovative than ever before, To provide greater clarity!"


Himanshu is fascinated with the human mind and choices it makes. Post his last role in leading the largest global agency for their Middle East and Africa business, he set up SixthFactor Consulting to provide clients with clarity and predictability about consumers behaviour to help improve their probability of success. He also teaches behavioural economics at the IIM and is a board member in TiE. Himanshu is someone who seeks nature to revive his soul regularly and is currently experimenting with minimalism.


Aditya is passionate about fact based solutioning. In over two decades in marketing research he has worked in European, MENA and the Asian markets in client and agency roles.Customer Experience and Branding are subjects that are close to his heart and he has written white papers on these. If he wasn’t a researcher, he’d be an aspiring cricketer or a philosopher grappling with the intrigues of life.


Anshul is a brilliant qualitative researcher within whom resides an anthropologist, a semiotician, a film-maker, a poet, a behavioural scientist and an endlessly enthusiastic child who constantly ponders on the way the world works. Anshul loves the idea of completing the circle exploring, designing and activating for favourable consumer decisions. He has been constantly tinkering with the ideas aimed at applying human judgement theories to marketing problems for profitable outcomes. In an alternate universe, he would have been a theatre artist or a filmmaker, bringing his ideas to life, big time.


Siva believes that we are here essentially to tell a story, dig out the human narrative that numbers often hide. In his work, he aims to tell simple, coherent and meaningful stories, using multiple data sources, that bring client’s closer to their consumers and help make better marketing decisions. He is most at home with plants and nature and in an alternate universe, he would have been a lifelong botanist, a forest dweller, contemplating on the mysteries of life, the universe, the various benefits of tea & tea time and everything else.


Arun is a marketing research and strategy veteran with varied expertise, gained from a multifaceted career as a research practitioner. As part of his work in the recent years, among other things, he has designed, developed and implemented research solutions that make use of various new-age techniques and tools, such as implicit testing, behavioural insights, nudge theory, electroencephalography, eye tracking etc. Arun has published papers, and spoken on several occasions at various industry fora, including events by ESOMAR. He is a ‘sold’ painter, an award-winning photographer, and an amateur poet and short story writer.
UAE Team


Deep has been studying consumer behaviour and generating insights for the last 14 years, the last 12 have been in the ME region.Primarily a quantitative researcher, has worked for clients across a diverse range of industries and helped address their business issues using multiple research tools & techniques.Has an engineering background and a masters degree in marketing and technology; loves numbers, has a keen eye for detail, is a gadget freak and looks out for the latest tech.


Farzeen is a people-oriented leader and business partner, with 20+ years of expertise & passion in consumer understanding - namely Consumer Insights generation, Customer Experience , Brand Management & Marketing - both as a supplier (agency side), and as an avid implementer, on the client side.She has worked for a leading bank and a leading money exchange house in the region. She draws inspiration from spending quality time with her family and pursuing her interests in theater, travelling, adventure sports and reading. All of the above have contributed to her growth as an effective, enthusiastic, intuitive partner and team player.


Kamal has 15 years of experience in operations and research in three different countries. Specializes in mystery shopping and CATI projects, has immaculate project planning ability.He holds a Bachelor’s degree in accountancy from Mumbai University and has won several awards in the UAE for the work he has done as a Mystery Shopper.He has successfully managed large scale mystery shopping initiatives with sample sizes of more than 2,000 audits annually.


Richa’s love for people and empathy Is displayed in her passion for human centric behavioral understanding. Having worked as Qualitative researcher for more than a decade, her current focus is ethnographic research. Her goal is to connect macro cultural and human understanding with design solutions.If not ethnography, you’d see her indulging in her multiple artistic pursuits like photography or candle making or traveling on her own to some remote corner of the world .
Singapore Team


Emily's 7+ years in market research has been characterised by a diversity of experiencesnc -- across both qualitative and quantitative, across different continents (including a 1 year secondment in London), and across agey and client roles. She aspires to tell human stories informed by culture, context, and data-driven insights, to help explain business issues and drive lasting behaviour change. After hours, she is an active semi-professional musician, leading the cello section in a community orchestra and getting behind the scenes at weddings, parties, and corporate events as part of the string quartet.


JS is intrigued by how the world and people function around him. In the five years he spent in Market Research, he has worked on a multitude of projects spanning across APAC and Middle East, seeking to provide answers and solutions to his client partners to further grow their businesses. Discovering patterns and understanding how consumers tick fuels his passion in the industry. If he wasn’t a researcher, he’d love to open a board games cafe and share the wonders of board games with other people.


Yulin has a curious nature and questioning mind, which makes her perfectly suited to be a researcher. With over a decade of experience in market research, she has worked with a wide spectrum of clients in different categories for APAC markets. She believes in universal human behaviours entwined with different cultural DNA that makes understanding consumer insights fun and satisfying. In an alternate universe, she would have been a documentarian, telling the human stories that matters and inspires.


Pearl has a strong grasp of APAC consumers, with close to 10 years of experience in the market research industry. She prides herself in critical thinking and driving deeper analysis to provide meaningful context and insights for businesses. As a passionate qualitative moderator with good intuition and an innate curiosity, she is particularly interested in people and culture. If she wasn't a researcher, she would be in the business of video entertainment, sourcing and creating content for lifestyle, travel and food documentaries!
India Team


Shekhar heads the entire digital marketing team. He collaborates and works towards the marketing objectives and is responsible for the entire digital marketing vertical. He has over 15 years’ experience in traditional and digital marketing space. He also looks after recruitment, manpower planning, and smooth functioning of the SEO & Google Ads and Creative Media team.


Sandesh is part of social listening team which monitors brands social channels and helps brand gain useful insights into the market. His knowledge of the subject is quite extensive and involves doing all the ground work, and other processes of monitoring social media channels for mentions of client brand's customers, competitors, products. He works with free and paid tools that help to track mentions, conversations related to your brand and to help analyze them for insights to discover new opportunities or rectify issues.


Ana is a very jovial and charismatic human, with over 10 years of experience in Graphic Designing. As a graphic designer, she is proficient with the latest designing tools, right from CorelDRAW to Adobe Indesign and is flexible with all kinds of design tasks. Her dedication and enthusiasm to work as a team player and with versatile skills have always helped SixthFactor yield excellent outputs. Apart from this, she is fond of cooking and enjoys having long conversations.