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Marketing Activation Monitor (MAM)

Our recent foray is into Marketing Activation Monitor ,.Here, we track, monitor ,analyze and activate promotions, and leaflets in supermarkets and hypermarkets. Two of our main offerings to start with are Promo Track Leaflet tracking, which provides retail promotions intelligence via its proprietary software and retail Zoom Store Diagnostics which measures the incidence of product activations and promotions and prices at the retail level. Initially, our area of operations includes UAE and Saudi Arabia and plans are in place to expand our footsteps into other GCC markets as well. As an offshoot we are also keen to provide services related to shopper insights, outlet census and, at some point, retail audit as well.

Benefits of MAM data entry process

  1. Obtain a Competitive Benefit: The combination of Reduced cost and focus on the core functions leads to a competitive advantage in the competitive market landscape
  2. Decrease Operational Expenses: We offer the economies of scale to any data entry process for our clients hence reducing the operational costs for our local and international clients.
  3. Improved Attention on Strategic Functions: Having outsourced data entry/back end operations to us, (the non-core functions) you as our client can focus more on your important areas of work like product development, marketing and promotion that directly impact revenues.
  4. Enhanced Resource Availability: Outsourcing this to us allows you to benefit from our expertise, skills and resources that you cannot or would not want to procure/hire on your own.
  5. Improved Management of Processes: The expertise that Sixthfactor brings to the table helps you derive the optimum output (intelligence/analytics) from the process that too with a flexibility of evolution and continual inputs for further refinement.

What is Retail Activation?

According to estimates, today's consumers may encounter up to 10,000 marketing messages daily. Although that is a startling statistic, it is not surprising that consumers are growing less susceptible to these ongoing efforts to compete for their attention. As a result, brands seeking to forge deep relationships with their consumers are slicing through the noise in the marketing landscape by offering distinctive in-person experiences in retail activations. Retail activations engage customers' senses, appeal to their emotions, and amuse them with hands-on activities inside a retail setting. This offers businesses the chance to tell a narrative and, when done well, produces a memorable experience that develops client loyalty and motivates word-of-mouth marketing.

Shopper insights and retail activation

Common objectives for retail activations include:
  • Increasing brand awareness and name recognition
  • Introducing new products or services
  • Stimulating trial and sales
  • Collecting customer data
  • Engaging customers in an interactive way
The options are virtually limitless when creating a retail activation that would accomplish these objectives. But no matter the format, all successful activations have one thing in common: they activate the five senses.
Planning a retail activation should consider various factors, including sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. Multiple senses can be stimulated to immerse clients in the experience better and leave a lasting impression.
  • Sound
  • Music is often used in retail activations to create an inviting atmosphere. The right song can produce the desired emotion, set the tone for the experience, and even affect shoppers' behavior.
  • Smell
  • Scents are closely linked to memory, which makes them a powerful tool for creating a lasting impression. When used judiciously, specific scents can enhance the overall activation atmosphere and leave a positive association with the brand.
  • Touch
  • Tactile experiences are essential in retail activations because they offer customers a way to interact with the brand physically. This kinesthetic connection can be achieved through activities like product demos, hands-on displays, or even simply giving away free samples.
  • Taste
  • Offering free food and drink is a classic retail activation tactic because it's an easy way to please customers and get them to stick around. But it's also essential to choose the right foods and drinks that align with the brand image and activate the senses to enhance the overall experience.
The five senses are powerful tools to consider when planning a retail activation. By activating multiple senses, brands can create an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression on their customers.

Tracking Advertisements and Offer types

The offers are: Advertisement Offer: This would be a normal type of advertisement, for which the product will have only the - Other Benefits, Page No and Impact type as remaining fields of the product. Combo Offer : This is a combination of 2 unique sub brands in an offer. So the user will have to enter the Initial Price, Discount Price of the offer. Combo Same Offer : This is a combination of products of the same sub brand in an offer. The user will have to enter the Initial Price &Discount Price.
Keep track of the widest range of adverts, promos and pricing offers and more
Contest Offer : This type will have only one product type. Price Offer : Here the offer advertised will be the price of a single product. So the user will have to enter the Initial Price & Discount Price. Special Promotion Offer: This will be a promotional offer. Other Benefits: If the product has loyalty points it can selected. Page no: of the product in the brochure. Impact type: The impact type can be - Full Branded Pg, Full Page Ad, Half Branded Pg, Half Page Ad, High Impact, Quarter Page Ad.

What is Brochure data management system & How does it Will Helps You to Grow Your Business?

MAM or Marketing activation includes data entry into the Brochure data management system. Brochure data management system is an online web application that generates graphical reports and insights by enabling you to enter huge amount of data in an error-free method.
online web application generating useful insights and analytical reports by enabling you crunch huge amount of data that is flawlessly entered into the system
The Brochure user can log in to the system by entering the username and password credentials provided by the admin. The dashboard contains a table that displays the list of brochures that the Admin has assigned to the data entry operator. The user can filter the brochures by: * Supermarket * Market Area * Frequency of Brochure * Brochure Theme Itemcode: Itemcode will be marked in the brochure corresponding to each product listing and will be a numeric value only. Sub brand: The Sub brand can be searched and selected from the suggestions provided while entering the first few letters of the either the brand/product name/ sub brand etc. SKU: This will be the measure value of the product. Measure: This will be a drop down to choose from : (sqft, ml, gm, No:s, oz, Mtr) SKU No:s: The No: of unique items in the product offer. Offer Advertised: The type of offer shown in the brochure, which can be chosen from a drop down.