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Soul of our company

Soul is known as the inner self. This defines who we are. What we believe in. What drives us. What we practice. What we preach. And what we are proud of.


We are :

The sixth sense for your business that gives your business the X factor.


We believe in :
We succeed only if our clients succeed. Together we can do it.


We are driven by :
New technology, if it helps our clients, we have to have it.


We practice :
A balance between theoretical knowledge and practical experience, useful for you!


We preach :
Never stop learning. It is wisdom. And if you have it, teach it and share it with others.


We are proud of:
Our fun culture, our method in the madness, enjoying what we do and most importantly the impact we have on our client’s business.

We are the consulting company that helps businesses find their inner self. We believe in helping businesses find their purpose and driving force and helping them to practice what they preach. Sixthfactor is proud to enable enterprises to find their soul and to help them grow and succeed.