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SixthFactor - Leading Market Research Company

We are passionate about providing clarity on real business issues through market research. Our insight gives your company a competitive advantage, resulting in more revenue and profitability. We are a new age market research company in Dubai, UAE, built by like-minded senior marketing research professionals.

First in Neuromarketing

As a leading consumer insights agency one of the pioneering initiatives that we undertook was setting up the first Neuro lab of the region in the year 2012.

Decades of experience

Hence our recommendations to marketers are precise. Ensuring better ROI.

Smart research solutions

We leverage existing information and insights available and optimize the proposed solutions.

Fast and efficient

We believe you should not have to wait for months or even weeks to get the insights.

Senior involvement

We ensure the senior leader is involved in all aspects of the project from start to finish.

Custom-made to fit

Bespoke solutions and not one-size-fits all. We are flexible and adapt to client needs.

About Us


Our Neuromarketing Unit - We've set the first Neuro-Lab in this region. Using new and emerging patented technologies measuring brain activity;


A mobile app is an easy way to gather responses. We have introduced mobile panels of pre-recruited respondents, who fit a certain demographic cri


Presenting the Market Activation Monitor (MAM). Tracking and analyzing retail-promotional activities to enable brands in planning the promotion


Online Sentiment Analysis - Analyzing consumer sentiments, feedback and mentions available online with regards to your brand is truly authentic

Behavioral Economics Expertise

SixthFactor being one of the top market research companies in Dubai, UAE has mastered the field of Behavioral economics, a rare but highly profitable component of Market Research. We have to measure the extent of what people actually decide to do and what factors drive them to invoke that behavior, which brings us to the gist of behavioral economics.

Our Elite Clients

Our consumer insights agency is proud to have been involved in the decision-making process of elite international brands. Our client base spans across the middle east, each being leading organisations from very different industries. These are just a few.