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Analyzing consumer sentiments, feedback and mentions available online with regards to your brand is truly authentic and has greater scope for feeding back into marketing strategies. Our proprietary Social Media Text Analytics Framework helps to decode the nature and the depth of conversation happening online.
Find out what your customers really feel about your brand
A leading CPG globally wanted to decode the consumer sentiments expressed on social media around a new brand launch, to drive greater traction and growth for the brand across the Middle East.
Find out how arab consumers process advertising An insightful document based on Neuromarketing principles on how Arabs process advertising content. The results are constantly monitored with a set of panel of Arab consumers

Transition from traditional to digital marketing

Spending behind digital marketing on the rise and will soon equal that behind traditional marketing; however companies still investing in traditional data gather techniques. 2 out of 3 marketers have moved at least 30% of their budgets from traditional to digital media in the past 3 years.
By 2018, Internet advertising will be poised to overtake TV as the largest advertising segment.
Internet advertising revenue will rise at a 10.7% CAGR to reach US$194.5bn in 2018, just US$20bn behind TV advertising. Of the US$241bn growth in total consumer and advertising revenue between 2013-2018, US$157bn will come from digital sources. B2C product marketers expect social media to make up 24.4% of total marketing budgets within 5 years. Traditional Methods are Pen and Paper Surveys, Focus Groups/ Depth Interviews. Whereas the Emerging Technologies are Social Media and Text Analytics, Neuro-marketing and Mobile Research

3 offerings of Social media sentiment analysis

Depending on the depth of information needed, there are 3 offerings around Social Media Sentiment Analysis:

    Automated Sentiment Analysis

  • Standard output
  • Data Extraction using and Analysis like automated tools like Synthesio, SocialBakers, Radian6 etc.
  • Lower investment and time

    Ready-Data Sentiment Analysis

  • Standard Frameworks but customized talk drivers developed specifically for brand
  • Data Extraction using both an Automated Tool as well as Manual Extraction
  • Mid-range investment and time

    Seeded-Data Sentiment Analysis

  • Customized Framework developed exclusively for the business question; conversation seeded around the business questions and tracked
  • Data Extraction completely Manual
  • High level interaction with both client as well as it’s digital agency with conversation seeding and tracking
Linguistic Capabilities - SixthFactor Consulting works with arabic professionals with strong understanding of the native language, dialects & cultural nuances so that richness and accuracy of data is maintained.

Social Media Data Extraction Process

Social Media Data Extraction Process is an iterative, collaborative exercise between the client, it’s digital agency and SixthFactor. Few comments extracted but would be highly relevant
Start with focused Hashtags, Keywords, affiliated terms.
Output will multiply as there will be a large number of comments but low on relevance. We need to expand search to include related keywords. This query should give robust number of relevant comments. We will look at both sets of outputs to come up with optimal query. This process is repeated till optimal number of comments are extracted

Sentiment Analysis: Automated through Tools vs. Manual

Given the multiple channels and huge amount of chatter online, mining all this data and link to positive outcomes for a brand is a very complicated and exhaustive task. The automated tools currently available for Sentiment Analysis are not able to consumer comments accurately and manual analysis is critical to analyse data in the right manner
The feedback/mentions present online is more authentic and has greater scope for feeding back into marketing
key objective though is ‘mine’ to derive insights from YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Forums
    Social Media Sentiments involves
  • Open & Transparent System
  • Authentic content
  • User/Consumer generated content
  • Active Involvement of consumers
  • Two way conversation

Steps for Social Media Sentiment Analysis

SixthFactor Consulting proposes the following steps to kick-off any Social Media Sentiment Analysis projects.
  • Do a exploratory run, to understand the category dynamics in the online space.
  • Identify a business issue to understand key questions brand team is facing which can be answered by Social Media Sentiment Analysis.
  • Define the scope of the study and also share a time/cost estimate for the same.
  • Once Go-Ahead received, Start data extraction.
  • Get in touch with client’s digital agency partners and initiate data extraction as per clear process laid out

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