SixthFactor COVID-19 Initiatives - Market Research & Behaviour analytics

SixthFactor COVID-19 Initiatives

Wired With Consumers

Today As Always

meets Qualitative Online Discussions
Bring ‘life’ online, through virtual discussions with consumers, as dyads, triads, mini groups and full focus group discussions.
room Digital Community
Get quick, rich, engaged and real-time insights into consumer behaviour.
Digital Self Ethnography Digital Self Ethnography
Be with them, at their place, on their terms, live their life through the lens of their camera.
Remote Eye Tracking for UX Remote Eye Tracking for UX
Capture remotely heat maps through high-quality eye tracking results, while users access stimuli to navigate through them.
Online Quantitative Interviews Online Quantitative Interviews
Leverage robust panels to conduct online surveys.
Work with a well-trained and experienced team, with the ability to manage large sample sizes.
Qualitative Text Based Chat Interactions Qualitative Text Based Chat Interactions
Have short or long-term engagement with consumers to build a learning curve and share experiences over a period of time.
Online Workshops Online Workshops
Bring in consumers or stakeholders to brainstorm, ideate in sub-groups, rank, debate and strategize.
Social Listening Social Listening
Convert and aggregate online consumer conversations into valuable intelligence.
Implicit Testing Implicit Testing
Unearth and measure the many unconscious factors that underpin consumer decisions through an online testing platform.
Virtual Reality Virtual Reality
Create a shopping experience and understanding clutter-breaking abilities of new innovation.