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Methods of Customer Service Research

ByHimanshu Vashishtha

Methods of Customer Service Research

Customer service research is done by organizations to measure how satisfied the consumer is with their brand’s services and products. Every brand aims to improve its customer experience and part of doing this is to measure, observe and check online surveys, personal messages, and more to ensure that their customer service performance is up to the mark. 

According to experts, several steps can be researched and used to make sure that businesses’ customer service methods are high. Here are some of them.

  • When looking at customer service, if you want to get the best out of it, consider separating it into three ways. This can be email inquiries, complaints, or issues that need to be transferred to tech support and regular phone calls with customer reps. This will help you to do a proper survey and help improve your customer service department. 
  • If you are a project manager or a marketing research leader then one other thing you can do is to meet with the customer service director or manager and ask them the kind of questions they require. Suggest questions that can bring together timeliness, professionalism, wit, and accuracy in handling calls from customers. 
  • You can even find a list of the various areas that customer service people cover, which can be the emails they use, the customers who phone in, and the ones that require to be transferred to other departments for customer support. This list can be gotten from the customer service department as they will normally keep records of these calls and messages. 
  • Consider who will conduct telephone surveys, will this be asked to customers at the beginning or end of each call? Will it be conducted by temporary staff or full-time employees? Once you find out a preferred source for a marketing research agency then you can accordingly hire the right kind of employees to make the call. 
  • Talk to the people conducting the survey and instruct them to pick one person randomly from the list that they call from. Ensure that every third or second person helps eliminate the bias from the survey and the call. This can help you pick between three groups of people.

Final verdict

When it comes to methods or ways to improve customer service experience, ensure that you take a customer service survey by using an online website calculator. Take each list including phone calls, emails, technical support, and more on a separate list and note down the common percent used. This can help you enter the complete number of names you require for the customer service groups. Customer service is a very important factor for every brand and organization and you need to ensure that when your customers call their issues and problems are being handled efficiently and professionally. Taking a survey can help you do the same and can also help you to determine which are doing well and working to the benefit of your business and customers and which area needs to improve and better their game. 


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