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The Business Benefits of Coupons

ByHimanshu Vashishtha

The Business Benefits of Coupons

Couponing is an efficient and easy way to not only make your business more appealing but also attract new consumers in the face of looming competition. Experts point to the possibility that it can be a tough call for business owners, especially small brands as they won’t be making a profit from continuously providing discounted purchases. These experts also say that, on the other hand, brands that provide coupons and offers also have a competitive edge as the availability of discounts is one of the main reasons that customers will shop at your store again and again.

While discount coupons are widely used, most of these coupons are seen by customers online via email, messages, websites, mobile apps, and more. When customers are planning their shopping trips, digital mediums can play a huge role in convincing them which brand they should pick to spend on. While coupons are the main influencer for a brand, not all businesses can deliver this couponing effectively and this can lead to a lot of losses on the part of the brand. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of couponing and what you should stick with. 


  • Clear out your existing product stock

Coupons do a great job at attracting first-time customers and it’s the best way to clearing out your existing stock and making way for new stock. If you sell your old stock or existing stock at a discount, you can make space for new products which are in trend. Ensure that you use powerful messaging and content in your discounts, if you are successful in your content, keywords, packaging, and delivering the products efficiently then you acquire and retain more loyal customers.

  • Bring in new and loyal customers

Every marketing owner is aware of their product line, some may be profitable and others may fade away after a certain amount of time. You know as a marketer which services and products are valuable and profitable to you and which ones are not. Each line of new products means a whole new line of consumers from a different audience. Coupons help bring in new customers and give them a sense of control that instead of paying full price, they can get their favorite products at a discounted rate. 


There are a few disadvantages to offering coupons to your target audience and you should be aware of them so that you can take the right measures to averts any fallout. 

  • A hike in price

While coupons, offers, and discounts are great for your customers, they always mean less money for the seller and the marketer. You need to balance your product discounts and costs and ensure that the coupons you provide give an attractive discount to your target audience while also keeping your profit intact. Some brands end up giving so much discount that they suffer a loss in revenue and performance.

  • Alienate your loyal customers

When you go on most websites, you’ll see that brands will offer a discount or coupons to new customers that buy products from them. But what about existing customers? Your regulars are the ones that buy your products time and again and they will feel left out of the reward group if you are only giving offers to new customers. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you can offer a discount to new customers as well as the older and loyal ones. This will allow you to cover your audience database without hurting anyone’s sentiments and retain existing customers. 

Final Word

Remember when it comes to using coupons for your business, you need to decide on the amount of discount you are going to give and how you can use this discount to make both your new and loyal customers happy. Do your research and come up with a foolproof strategy that you can use. 

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