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What are the 5 best ways to use market research to grow your company?

ByHimanshu Vashishtha

What are the 5 best ways to use market research to grow your company?

Most successful businesses focus on market research and then use their findings to make business decisions that enable them to leave their competition behind. Whether you are starting a new business or you want to expand your existing business, market research is imperative. It helps you get a better understanding of your target markets, change your marketing tactics and strategies to cater to your target audience, and this, in turn, helps you increase sales.

Here are five ways that you can use market research to help your business flourish and thrive:

1. Improve Brand Awareness and Recognition
Many businesses do not have a clue about how prospective and existing customers perceive their brand and how well their brand performs against their competition. If you can identify with this, you should use market research. It will improve your branding by enabling you to see many different aspects.

Market research will allow you to see whether your target audience is aware of your brand, the characteristics they associate with your brand, and how your customers perceive your brand when compared to your competition.

To conduct market research to help with branding, you would have to create focus groups or interview your customers. Their feedback will enable you to not only improve your branding but also your marketing and advertising collateral.

2. Get to Know Your Target Audience Better
Every business has an audience in mind when selling its products or services. It is vital for the success of the business. Market research can help you learn more about your target audience so that you can customize your marketing and advertising based on the information. That will get you faster results from your marketing campaigns.

Whether you are launching a new product or you want to increase the sales of your existing products, knowing more about your existing and potential customers is a must. By understanding who your customers are, your business will be able to position your brand, products, and/or services in a way that attracts them and create a need in them.

You can randomly select customers in your target market and request them to fill out a questionnaire. This will give you a better understanding of your target audience’s and that, in turn, will allow you to improve the efficiency and performance of your marketing campaigns.

3. Determine the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Campaigns
When you are running marketing campaigns, you want to ensure you get a high ROI. With market research, not only can you get more details about your marketing campaigns but you can also tweak the campaigns to improve performance.

You can easily design a questionnaire or survey to get feedback on the marketing messages. The answers that your target audience provides will enable you to find out how they react to your campaigns and whether they are attracted enough to venture down the sales funnel.

Collecting this information will enable you to get more out of your marketing campaigns as you will be able to create campaigns that your target audience identifies with. That will help you generate more sales.

4. Discover New Market Opportunities
Market research often helps companies identify new opportunities. While you can focus on one specific market, the research will enable you to expand within that market or help you determine whether the market is the right choice for the launch of new products and/or services.

The research also helps you find out more about a new market before you officially launch. When you want to enter a new market, it is imperative you find out the market size, demographics, key competition, and industry dynamics. That will prepare you not only to launch but also to get useful insights that will help you formulate your marketing and business strategies.

5. Get Your Product Features and Packaging Right
Many times, companies try to improve existing products by improving their features and/or packaging. If that is the case, you require market research. Reaching out to existing customers for their feedback will enable you to collect information regarding product features and packaging.

The same holds when launching a new product. Many companies give out samples of new products or select customers as beta testers. It enables them to collect the reactions of customers to the product, and its features, usability, packaging, design, and looks. Based on this information, companies can alter the features and/or packaging before the actual launch.

Here qualitative market research is the best way forward. Using open-ended questions, you can get in-depth information from customers and what they think and feel about your product and packaging. Using the feedback, you can create marketing messages and content to launch the new or improved product with panache.

In Conclusion
These are some of the ways market research can help your business generate more sales. That, in turn, will allow your business to grow.

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