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Importance of Orange Colour in Branding and Design

ByHimanshu Vashishtha

Importance of Orange Colour in Branding and Design

Colour may rightly be called the most important element in branding and design. Human minds associate meanings to colours. Psychiatrists believe that humans tend to have bodily reactions to stimuli from colours. Hence marketers should use them carefully to send the right messages and create the desired impressions in consumers’ minds.

From a marketing perspective colours are important because-

  • Colours unlock emotions in people
  • First impressions in consumer minds are formed based on logo colour. They can sway thinking and reactions, thus influencing perceptions about company and products.
  • More than just a visual aid, they evoke feelings and experiences in people. Thus they are a vital element for brand recall.
  • A consumer’s initial reaction to a product depends on the colour alone.
  • Colours convey the identity and personality of a brand.

Hence, choosing the right colour for branding and design could make or break a marketing campaign. Companies often employ focus groups to test what colour and design catch the eye of participants. They take the help of heat maps to track eye movements while participants scan the products.


Is orange a significant colour in the branding world?

The right colour draws a consumer’s attention to your product and conveys something about it. The perception could vary in each person’s mind. That’s where marketers and designers need to choose colours that would evoke an almost consistent response.

Although not as popular as the primary colours for logos like red and blue, orange is also a powerful colour for logo design. A warm colour, it is used to show playfulness, boldness, flamboyance and youth. It is also attention-grabbing and energizing.

However, the orange colour is one that has an interesting contradictory symbolism – the positive side of it signifies energy and liveliness, whereas the other side of it signifies caution or warning. For example, traffic cones and construction site markers are orange coloured.


How is orange used in branding?

Orange is perceived as a warm and cozy colour, but it may also be associated with a warning. But that effect can be softened with other colours and through context. As an accent, it is considered to be one that can really stand out in a welcoming and appealing way.

Here’s how orange is usually used in the design-

  • In the foreground to highlight essential elements
  • As the main colour in the background to reflect feelings of warmth and enthusiasm
  • As a minor colour to highlight important parts of a website like navigation
  • As an accent colour for call to action buttons or links

Some brands that have successfully used orange for their logos, either in full or as an accent are Amazon, Nickelodeon, Timberland, GSK and the Home Depot.


When using orange in your branding ..

You should keep these in mind-

  • Be mindful of associations with the colour, especially psychological and cultural.
  • Use a splash of it to highlight a certain part or message like a CTA button.
  • Remember it is associated to danger and warning as well.
  • Consider and re-consider before using it as the main colour for designs and collateral.


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