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How to generate leads during COVID-19

ByHimanshu Vashishtha

How to generate leads during COVID-19

Corona is here to stay for a while, let’s acknowledge that first! We don’t know when the pandemic will come to a halt, let’s acknowledge that too. The impact of the corona virus on businesses and the sudden downward spiral of economies globally have gotten many second-guessing their future.

Sure, businesses may be slow now and consumer behavior may have changed. But the need of the hour isn’t a complete full stop to business activities like lead generation. In fact, it is the time to adapt to the new world and devise new strategies and techniques to generate more leads.

What are some changes required in your lead generation activities?

Due to the absence of traditional in-person methods that were followed for lead generation, businesses may find it difficult to continue the process. However, here are some recommendations to adapt to the transformation and generate a spike in demand for your products.

  • Redefine requirements of your target audience
    Their needs, pain points, lifestyle, work culture etc. have changed. Understand and incorporate these into your strategies to provide them with need-of-the-hour solutions.
  • Replicate office dynamics, remotely
    Although your lead generation and other teams may be working remotely now, develop processes that are alternatives to earlier office settings. Make objectives transparent and enforce strict guidelines to be adhered while working from their own settings. Conduct video meetings and conference calls to ensure smooth communication and operations amongst teams.
  • Increase budgets for digital content
      Since consumers are now working from home, they have more time for personal screen time. Tap into this opportunity and utilize virtual content to grab the attention of potential leads. You can try to engage with your audiences with one or more of the following –

    • Improvise digital content to cater to the needs of the consumers as per current situation. Offer them solutions and information as comfort to tide the difficult times.
    • Virtual events are a great replacement for events that were cancelled. Right from conferences and summits to job fairs, virtual events can be a saving grace for consumers and businesses alike.
    • Webinars can be used to address masses and provide information about your products and services. Interactive Q & A sessions help to improve connect and also understand loopholes.
  • Conduct sales through video calls
    Social distancing hampers physical meetings and one-to-one communication. However, the same activities can be conducted through video calls and relationships can be built and maintained remotely.
  • Offer discounts
    Pandemic or not, discounts/deals/offers/promotions never fail to catch the eye of a consumer and your target audience can be nudged closer into purchasing from you.
  • Offer trial periods
    Many people are not comfortable making purchases when they are unsure if it would benefit them. Free trial takes away that risk. You can get them hooked to your premium features/products and influence them to purchase the same.

Your focus should be on revising strategies and allocating resources to meet the changing times by incorporating more online tools to multiply lead generation.

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