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Free samples to boost sales

ByHimanshu Vashishtha

Free samples to boost sales

Experts say one of the best ways to get new and loyal customers is to give your product away for free. Now while most brands may shudder at the thought of giving away free merchandise, this can be beneficial to your business in the long run rather than offering discounts. For example, most times when you attend a meeting or a networking conference with tons of business people, you often find ‘goodie’ bags jammed with free product samples and brochures with information.

Among these goodies be serviced, a range of products and more and since it’s free most people don’t mind trying the products. After trying a bunch of products and liking them, customers are more inclined to go online and purchase the products and eventually convert. If you want your target audience to try your products, post reviews, stories, images online, and eventually purchase your products then free samples can be the ideal incentive for you. You will not only get the sales you want but free advertising as most consumers will post their reviews online and this situation might turn into a big win for you.

Advantages of giving away freebies
By giving away freebies you increase the awareness of your brand by getting your products and services in front of buyers who have never heard of you. This can even increase the potential for visitors to convert into customers and turn a one-time customer into a loyal consumer. You can increase the traffic to your social handles or website by adding flyers with your contact information like calling our store, or come in, or click the link to our website, and more.

All this can help you gain engagement, visibility and build your list as well as boost your reputation so your customers will know that you are an expert in this subject matter or product.

How do you do this?
Include your free products or items in a goodie bag and hand them out at any important event or meeting in which your segment of audience frequents. You can offer your complimentary products as a reward for liking, following, and subscribing. You can harness the power of influencers as well. Send across your products to social media influencers and ask them to try them out and then review you on their blogs, social media or your website. This will bring credibility to your brand and products.

Sit down and decide what products to give, this can be new products, popular products, or even something you’re currently working on. Think about who you want to give it to and you’ll get the return on your investment. If you don’t have any products then give away a free consultation instead like an eBook, a free session, and more.

Final word
With the ball in your court now, decide how you want to do this and which products and clientele can promote your products in the best way. This is the ideal way to reach a segment of the audience you could have never reached before and help convert them into loyal customers.

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