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5 Most Common Reasons Why Brands Think They Can Skimp On User Research

ByHimanshu Vashishtha

5 Most Common Reasons Why Brands Think They Can Skimp On User Research

User experience (UX) is finally gaining recognition, and companies realize the importance of understanding their users and catering to their needs. However, there are still too many companies who do not want to accept the importance of understanding their consumers and improving their products and/or services to better cater to their requirements and needs.

Here are the five most common reasons why companies tend to ignore user research even though the world of business is gradually transforming from business-centric companies to consumer-centric organizations.

1. Companies Believe They Know Their Users Well
Many companies that have been operating for years are under the misconception that they know their user base well, and hence, they do not need to invest in user research. They do not realize that this research enables them to figure out how to serve their users better and create individual experiences so that they keep returning.

User research provides qualitative insights that enable companies to enhance or optimize their services and products. While companies may feel that they already are aware of the needs of their users, user research allows them to get in-depth and greater insights into their consumers and their needs.

2. Companies Do Not Want to Allocate Budget or Time
A common excuse that companies come up with is that they do not have the budget or time to invest in user research. However, if they do not invest in user research, it will turn out to be more expensive than they imagined.

When companies do not invest time and money in user research, they miss out on identifying features that could improve or create experiences that their user base would cherish. As a result, they lose their consumers to their competition. Also, user research is not that expensive. There are numerous cost-effective methods of collecting and studying data that could help business improve their bottom line.

3. Companies Claim to Already Do Market and Quantitative Research
Market and quantitative research enable companies to determine how their products fit and perform in the market and also compare their services with the competition. However, this research does not provide deeper insights into their consumer base.

Companies need to understand that market research enables them to understand the needs of their consumers. On the other hand, user research allows them to learn more about how usable and inclusive your products and/or services are. You get more comprehensive and detailed information that you can use to enhance your services and/or products.

4. The Previous Research was Incorrect
Poorly conducted user research can provide wrong information, and that can be detrimental to your brand and the perception that people have about your business. However, if your research was wrong, it is important that you figure out where you made the mistakes. Once you do that, it is time to conduct new user research while making sure that you do not repeat the previous mistakes.

It is essential to remember that when you perform user research, you are essentially working with your user base. That enables you to not only improve their experience when interacting and engaging with your brand but also enables you to retain your user base.

5. Companies Believe Data Analytics is Sufficient
While data analytics helps you understand and figure out different metrics, it does not allow you to determine the why. Instead, you end up with too many assumptions, which could be wrong or incorrect.

On the other hand, user research enables you to understand why your users behave in a particular way, what are their needs, and identify the pain points. When you are armed with this information, you can improve your products and/or services and also gain deeper insights into the results of the data analytics.

In Conclusion
These are the most common reasons brands tend to avoid user research. If you have been doing the same, it is time to find a specialist who can help you with user research so that you can use the information to connect with your user base and understand their experiences with your brand. That will pave the way to further improvements and create experiences that your users will love.

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