Ethnographic Market Research and Analysis | Sixthfactor Consulting

Case Study – Culture Code

 Business Challenge

  • A global automotive brand wanted to understand cultural codes of luxury amongst Arabs.
  • This was to offer relevant features in the premium car segment of the brand.

SixthFactor Solution

  • 15 Ethnographies were conducted in KSA, UAE & Kuwait amongst luxury car owners.
  • This was followed by a workshop with Strategy Team to disseminate learning.

Value delivered by SixthFactor

  • We discovered the codes of luxury amongst Arabs across categories.
  • Compared and understood how it were different from other cultures and countries.
  • We discovered the manifestations of luxury in automobile features.

Client Action

  • The insights helped the brand in developing the relevant offerings for the premium segment of the brand.
  • The insights also helped the brand choose features and offerings that behold brand values.