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Case Study – Accelerating Cultural Change

 Business Challenge

  • A leading retail chain wished to initiate in a culture change in the organization.
  • Understanding the existing culture and issues was the first step in the journey.

SixthFactor Solution

  • Involved discussions with the management team to develop a culture survey that could be rolled out in phases to cover over 10,500 multi-cultural staff spread across 1000+ stores in 4 continents.

Value delivered by SixthFactor

  • How do we attract, motivate and retain a high performing, diverse workforce?
  • How do we provide and create a desirable work culture?
  • What are employee’s concerns? What action plans would address them?

Client Action

  • Results were presented to the top management for a buy-in.
  • Action plans developed (phase-wise) at the overall and business unit levels.