Marketing Research Case Study Examples | Consumer & Market Insights | Sixthfactor Consulting


Eyetracking Eye tracking
Face wash packaging evaluation and most relevant offering through eye tracking. read more
MAM Market Activation Monitoring (MAM)
Tracking and analyzing retail promotional activities to understand emerging trends. read more
social media Social Media Sentiment Analysis
Derive actionable strategies for business impact from consumer sentiments easily available online. read more
employee engagement Employee Engagement
Scaling up cost effectively. Required meticulous planning in terms of research and financial planning. read more
corporate values Corporate Values Study
Involving Employees in Shaping the Future. Requires quick turnaround as the inputs were to be used in decision making. read more
Accelerating Accelerating Cultural Change
Potential Impact of Culture Change On The Organization & Its People. read more
driving Driving Customer Engagement
Capture current experiences and service-expectations to improve on service-delivery standards. read more
competitive brand Building A Competitive Brand Strategy
Uncovering insights that aid towards building strategy for the C-segment flagship brand in 2015. read more
model efficiency Model Efficiency Analysis
Establish an operating model to create customer-engagement. read more
Brand archi Brand Architecture Rationalization
Clarity in restructuring or reinventing the brand architecture. read more
culture code Culture Code
Understand the codes of luxury in the Middle East for an automotive brand. read more