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A bold team together with brave clients are here to make a difference to the marketing world!

"We shall CONTINUE REINVENTING MARKET RESEARCH By ensuring it’s more disruptive and innovative than ever before, To provide greater clarity!"
The Partners...

Himanshu Vashishtha : Founder & CEO

Long shot : Market researcher with 18 years of experience with a master’s degree from MICA, India.
Previous Avatar: MD, Nielsen MEA, Consultant, IMRB International.
Mid Shot : An entrepreneur, ready to take on any challenge, guided by an unprecedented quest for knowledge, eager to provide research with a fresh perspective whilst constantly trying to find meaning in consumer choices. A ‘thought leader’ who speaks and presents regularly in global and regional conferences and contributes to newspapers, periodicals and magazines within the marketing field. Always interested in innovation and new ideas, his latest passion being behavioral economics and Neuro marketing.
Close shot : Someone who thrives on challenges. A happy go lucky person who is into reading, sports, adventure and dune bashing.

Aditya Gokhale

Long Shot: Over twenty years of industry experience across the Middle East, Europe, India and South East Asia. He did his Bachelors in Engineering and Masters in Marketing from Sydenham Institute in India.
Previous Avatar: Leadership positions in a global multinational research agency in both Commercial as well as Operations roles. Prior to which he headed Business Intelligence and Research for a telecom service provider organization in Dubai.
Mid Shot: His passion is fact based solutioning, making sure research insights drive decision making. His years as a research user fired in him this passion and he is very keen to ensure there are clear marketing implications that come through from a research. Customer Experience and Branding subjects that are close his heart and has written white papers on these.
Close Shot: If he wasn’t a researcher, he’d be a cricketer. Loves his music, enjoys conversations and is intrigued by the subject of Life.

Sivaraman Yegnaraman

Long Shot: 16+ years of influencing client decisions in APAC, India, Middle East & Africa. Drove and lead Innovation Analytics team at Nielsen for SEA, NA and India towards higher client and personal satisfaction. Narratives (Read: Simple, coherent, insightful stories) are the way to communicate and interact, in short, stories drive, thrive and pride Siva. Stories generated from integrating multiple data sources to help clients make better marketing decisions.
Mid Shot: Every fall, spring, summer and winter of the last 16 years and a couple of quarters were spent in talking and walking the path with clients, turning data and analytics to insights predicting consumer behaviour for higher growth and profits.
Most global CPG giants and some service sector organizations across APAC, India, Middle East & Africa identified white space opportunities, launched better innovations and renovations, effectively planned price and portfolio and executed better in stores fuelled by the stories narrated by Siva and his team.
Close Shot: Siva loves to enthral his senses with flavours, spices, cuisines from the food around the world. Calms his nerves and finds peace with the world by pruning with and drooling over plants in his garden. Stimulates his grey matter spending time with the works of the best popular science writers, historians, graphic-novel narrators and post-modern fiction stylists

Anshul Dhar

Long Shot: Close to 17 years of multihued experience influencing clients’ marketing strategies and go-to-market activation programs. His previous stint was leading the global Qualitative unit for Nielsen managing teams, insight deliveries and client-outcomes. Powered with a Post-grad in Psychology he started as a Quantitative researcher bringing alive the big-picture and adding life to numbers. He then moved to the world of ‘deep-dives’ exploring the slippery terrains and rocky grounds of the left-right brain decision making patterns.
Mid Shot: Anshul loves the idea of completing the circle with exploring, designing and activating for favourable consumer decisions. He has been constantly tinkering with the ideas aimed at applying human judgement theories to marketing problems for profitable outcomes.
Winning special mentions, awards and certificates, he is passionate about the best practices and new thinking helping clients grow and gain new frontiers using Behavioural Sciences, Shopper, Digital, Semiotics, Co-creation and Brand Activation methods.
Close Shot: Starting with the idea of first ‘knowing what he doesn’t know’, he is in constant search for opportunities to explore new topics, places and people. If not reading books or traveling he can be found experimenting cuisines within the vegan and vegetarian world.
His involvement with Theatre and Film making in his previous avatars helps him employ creativity in research applications and tell stories that help clients gain the right insights.
The talent and brains that helps Sixthfactor run like a well oiled machine...

Kamal Sajnani : Manager, Service Quality

Long shot : 15 years of experience in operations and research in three different countries. Specializes in mystery shopping and CATI projects, has immaculate project planning ability. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in accountancy from Mumbai University.
Mid Shot : Leads the Project Service Quality and Control. Operations, but wears the researcher’s hat as well. Award winner from the Dubai Service Excellence Scheme (DSES) on their Mystery Shopping program. He is our ‘Go-to- person’ when it comes to project planning and control. Close shot :Warm, friendly, an ardent traveler and loves to learn new languages. Meticulous and organized in what he does.

Sari Al Houseini : Digital Sentiments

Long shot: Sari Al Houseini has a Bachelor double major in Advertising (Creative) and Graphic Design, from the American University in Dubai. He is proficient in two languages – English and Arabic. Sari has started his market research career with SixthFactor as a Digital Insights Researcher and works on a variety of qualitative and quantitative projects.
Mid Shot: Besides research, his professional experience spans roles as Graphic Designer, and Account Management at branding, advertising, and social media agencies.
Close shot: Sari’s interests span a broad range of topics like cultural exploration, psychology, acting, video, photography, music, movies, TV shows, reading, art and design.

Dwaipayan Ray

Long shot: Consumer Insights specialist with over 10 years of experience, the last 9 of which have been in the Middle East region. He has a master’s degree from IISWBM, India’s oldest B-school and a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering.
Mid Shot: An experienced quantitative researcher with a knack for reading through numbers, an eye for detail and a new found love for qualitative engagement with consumers. Loves to experiment with different approaches to a problem with the aim of arriving at the most optimal solution.
Close shot: extremely passionate about wildlife, loves to travel, is an advanced open water diver and a complete gadget freak.