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"We shall CONTINUE REINVENTING MARKET RESEARCH By ensuring it’s more disruptive and innovative than ever before, To provide greater clarity!"

Himanshu Vashishtha : Founder & CEO

Long shot : Market researcher with 18 years of experience with a master’s degree from MICA, India.
Previous Avatar: MD, Nielsen MEA, Consultant, IMRB International.
Mid Shot : An entrepreneur, ready to take on any challenge, guided by an unprecedented quest for knowledge, eager to provide research with a fresh perspective whilst constantly trying to find meaning in consumer choices. A ‘thought leader’ who speaks and presents regularly in global and regional conferences and contributes to newspapers, periodicals and magazines within the marketing field. Always interested in innovation and new ideas, his latest passion being behavioral economics and Neuro marketing.
Close shot : Someone who thrives on challenges. A happy go lucky person who is into reading, sports, adventure and dune bashing.

Aditya Gokhale: Partner

Long Shot: Over twenty years of industry experience across the Middle East, Europe, India and South East Asia. He did his Bachelors in Engineering and Masters in Marketing from Sydenham Institute in India.
Previous Avatar: Leadership positions in a global multinational research agency in both Commercial as well as Operations roles. Prior to which he headed Business Intelligence and Research for a telecom service provider organization in Dubai.
Mid Shot: His passion is fact based solutioning, making sure research insights drive decision making. His years as a research user fired in him this passion and he is very keen to ensure there are clear marketing implications that come through from a research. Customer Experience and Branding subjects that are close his heart and has written white papers on these.
Close Shot: If he wasn’t a researcher, he’d be a cricketer. Loves his music, enjoys conversations and is intrigued by the subject of Life.
The talent and brains that helps Sixthfactor run like a well oiled machine...

Serene Wilson Tiberghien : Manager, Qualitative Innovation Vertical

Long shot : Specializing in qualitative research, Serene has 5 years of experience working with two of the biggest research companies, TNS and Nielsen. She has graduated from the University of Wollongong, Australia with a specialization in marketing.
Mid Shot : At SixthFactor, she is one of the mainpillars within qualitative research and is currently pursuing a Masters in Behavioral Economics. An aspiring writer, Serene enjoys the bandwidth that comes with qualitative research report writing.
Close shot : Having spent most of her life in Dubai, she is the epitome of diversity in our corporate set up. An aspiring marathoner, a connoisseur of jazz, and apart from her research interests and commitments, she savors the finer aspects of life.

Jaswinder Singh Kunner : Manager- Shopper Initiatives

Long shot :Almost 20 years of experience in the field of retail and FMCG, working with leading brands like TESCO plc, Morrison and WDF Heathrow.
Mid Shot : Leads the market activation monitoring initiative and is the Project Champion on key shopper projects.
Close shot :A pure Punjabi, who dishes out yummy Punjabi food, is high on energy and is hard work personified!

Amina Harizi : Culture-Specialist

Long shot :Bachelor in Business Administration (Finance) from AUD, proficient in Arabic, French & English. Started her research career with SixthFactor a few years back and specializes in qualitative research.
Mid Shot : Her ethnicity and researcher bend of mind makes her an excellent team asset. Her perspective and proximity to the Arab culture is always a value-addition to all SixthFactor offerings.
Close shot : An advocate of healthy living who loves to travel and experiment with different Cuisines.

Kamal Sajnani : Manager, Service Quality

Long shot : 15 years of experience in operations and research in three different countries. Specializes in mystery shopping and CATI projects, has immaculate project planning ability. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in accountancy from Mumbai University.
Mid Shot : Leads the Project Service Quality and Control. Operations, but wears the researcher’s hat as well. Award winner from the Dubai Service Excellence Scheme (DSES) on their Mystery Shopping program. He is our ‘Go-to- person’ when it comes to project planning and control. Close shot :Warm, friendly, an ardent traveler and loves to learn new languages. Meticulous and organized in what he does.

Varsha Sharma : Insight Visualizer, Qualitative research

Long shot : Having spent 10 out of 14 years of her market research career in the Middle East, Varsha has earned a precious understanding of brands and consumer dynamics in this region. A senior Qualitative researcher who has worked with both Nielsen and TNS in leadership roles. She is a Post-Graduate in Marketing Communications Management from NIA, New Delhi.
Mid Shot : She has always believed in evolving with time, hence SixthFactor is a natural fit for her. In her current role she continues to blend her solid regional knowledge with new age research and boasts of being the Clarity Consultant & Insight Visualizer. She is also a life-coach.
Close shot : An artist & comedian at heart, her take on life is always ‘interesting’. Her medium for expression include – oil painting, cartooning, shooting short films, art & craft. Fabric jewelry making is her latest fad.

Plaban Mohanty : Design & Analytics

Vasu Balakrishnan : Consultant

Long shot : Specializing in quantitative research, Vasu is a veteran with over 19 years in the MR industry and 14 years in the region, and has dealt with business development, client management and team leadership in progressive leadership roles in India and Middle East. He holds a postgraduate diploma in business management and a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering.
Mid Shot : One of the earliest to join SixthFactor Consulting, he works on our quantitative riddles.
Close shot : Animal lover, an avid reader and movie-buff (and critic!), a wise man of few words!

Irfan Manzoor

Long shot :A budding researcher who has prior experience in Operations and field- management. Has handled both quantitative and qualitative studies as a field supervisor. Holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Mahatma Gandhi University, India.
Mid Shot : New ‘whiz kid’ on the block, who has recently joined SixthFactor to learn research from the best in business. A quick learner with strong quantitative skills.
Close shot :Actively into cricket ,a seamer plus a middle-order batsman, bike and car enthusiast!

Sari Al Houseini : Digital Sentiments